1780 Duchess Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta


Sewstine is the alias of Dr. Christine Millar, a St. Louis anesthesiologist known for her intricate historically inspired handiwork in creating elaborate costumes from the 1740s–1790s through her business, SewStine.

She combines modern technology with historically accurate sewing techniques to recreate attire from the 18th century.

Sewstine, a skilled embroiderer and designer, has showcased her talent in creating intricate lace and historical reproductions like Abigail Adams’ Fichu. Her attention to detail and dedication to authenticity are evident in her work. The process she described for creating the Fichu involved using silk netting, lightweight Kimono Silk thread, and digitizing the design meticulously. The final product was a beautiful piece that captured the essence of 18th-century embroidery.

If You prefer to find Your inspiration via You Tube, then You will find Sewstines YouTube Chanel most helpful. She is an YouTuber with passion in both in embroidery and sewing.
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