Svenska 1800 Tals Sällskapet

Svenska 1800 Tals Sällskapet

Svenska 1800 Tals Sällskapet is a loose association of enthusiasts who began engaging in activities inspired by the 19th century in 2010. The group aims to bring like-minded individuals together across Sweden to exchange tips, ideas, and knowledge while enjoying various activities in the spirit of the 1800s. It is not a formal organization but rather a community focused on exploring places, customs, culture, language, and entertainment from the 19th century.

Members of Svenska 1800 Tals Sällskapet participate in a range of activities related to the 1800s and are encouraged to create and invite others to events linked to that era. Communication primarily takes place through their Facebook group, where individuals can share their interests, organize activities, or seek information from fellow members or the group’s organizers.

The group has local representatives known as “husfruar” (housewives) who act as ambassadors for the society in different regions across Sweden. These representatives are responsible for identifying local activities, initiating events, and fostering engagement within their communities. The aim is for the society to expand its presence and activities beyond its origins in Stockholm to other regions of the country.

The Swedish 19th century society creates several interesting events to join. You find their calendar here:  Kalendarium.

So If You would like to take a bath in a swimsuit anno 1902 in really enjoyable company, now You can. The "Bathing days in Hjo 2024" takes place in 24th July.

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