Linnes trädgårdsfest i Uppsala

Linnes Trädgårdsfest in Uppsala

Linnes Trädgårdsfest in Uppsala is a celebration held in honor of Carl von Linné’s birthday. The event takes place at Linnéträdgården in Uppsala, Sweden, and offers various activities and programs for visitors to enjoy. It is a festive occasion where attendees can immerse themselves in the 18th-century atmosphere, exploring the history, legacy, and contributions of Carl von Linné, a renowned Swedish botanist.

The event features a range of activities such as historical reenactments, traditional dances, craft markets, guided tours of Linné’s botanical garden, educational sessions on topics like bees, honey, evolution, pollination, and coffee. Visitors can also participate in hands-on experiments related to botany and molecular biology in the researcher’s corner. Additionally, there are opportunities to learn about different plant species, take part in games and treasure hunts, and engage with experts on various botanical subjects.

Attendees can explore Linnémuseet (Linné Museum), located in the house where Carl von Linné once lived and worked. The museum showcases artifacts, furniture, portraits, and other items that provide insights into Linné’s life and era. Furthermore, there are exhibitions dedicated to individuals like Carl Peter Thunberg and Bo Mossberg who have made significant contributions to botany and nature illustration.

The celebration also includes cultural elements such as 18th-century themed games by Sällskapet Gustafs Skål and dance performances by groups like Branicula and Grevinnan Brahe. A variety of products inspired by the 1700s are available for purchase at the market stalls. Moreover, visitors can indulge in tasting sessions featuring honey from different plants and bee species as well as sample substitutes for coffee and tea used during Linné’s time.


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