Collection: 1830s Fabric Design

1830s Fabrics Design

In 1830s, fabric designs for clothing reflected the fashion trends of the time, particularly in women’s dresses. The fabrics used in the 1830s were often bold and colorful, with intricate patterns and textures that complemented the dramatic silhouette of the era. Fabrics such as cotton prints, silks, and muslins were popular choices for women’s dresses during this period.

For these dresses, the sleeves were a standout feature, showcasing giant elbow-height puffs with pleats and embroidery details. The sleeves were supported by separate interior puffs tied in to create volume and structure. The pleats and corded bands added a touch of elegance to the sleeves, enhancing the overall look of the garment.

Additionally, a matching fabric pelerine was created to complement the dress ensemble. The pelerine featured cording to define the edges and a lining to finish off the raw edges neatly. The shape of the pelerine was chosen to be simple yet flattering, aligning with the 1830s aesthetic.