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1750 Sophie von La Roche

1750 Sophie von La Roche

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You will get 1 meter of cotton cretonne

Read First:
This Design is darker than the Original and it is the imperfection that I have tried to keep in my recreation. You can see the whole report below.
The report has been fitted to be printed on cretonne only at the moment and the frame is only on one side of the fabric. So! Please make your counting first. 

Marie Sophie von La Roche, born in December 1730 was a German novelist.
She is considered the first financially independent female professional writer in Germany.

Goethe writes of Sophie von La Roche:

"She was a wonderful woman, and I don't know another to compare her to. Slim and delicately built, more tall than short, she kept a certain elegance into her later years, an elegance which hovered charmingly between the behavior of a fine lady and a worthy middle-class woman."

1750 Sophie von La Roche


Sustainable Development

The importance of global sustainability awakens with Agenda 2030 goals in mind. 
We use only high quality cotton or silk from authorised producers and we produce only by demand. There is no overstocks of any fabrics with negative environmental impact. For our customers, purchase with clear conscience from us.

Read more about the 2030 goals here


The Fabrics are sold per meter or multiple of meter.
1 meter - 1,09 YRDs

Please see the fabric types on main menu for full Fabric info.
The width of the fabrics:

  • Cotton Satin :156 cm
  • Cotton Voile 140 cm
  • Cotton Cretonne: 147 cm
  • Cotton Poplin: 140 cm
  • Cotton Linen 137cm
  • Cotton Panama 147 cm
  • Cotton Gabardine 147 cm 
  • Cotton Mul Mul 125 cm 
  • Silk Chiffon 140 cm
  • Silk Dupion 140 cm
  • Silk Satin 140 cm

Care Instructions

We recommend gentle machine wash at 30 - 40 degrees along with mild environmental friendly detergent with out bleach.

Grandma's Laundry Tricks:
  • Do not Brush, Rub or Scrub the printed fabrics too hard to avoid damage to print quality.
  • Wash with similar colours to avoid staining or tint.
  • Please do not overuse the centrifuge, it only wrinkles the fabric.
  • Please do not overuse the dryer or use extrem heat, this only tears the fibres apart.
  • A dehumidifier is a great invention to dry the fabrics and clothes.
  • Dry the fabrics outdoors, if possible, but not under direct sunlight.
  • Environmentally awareness and the durability of clothing go hand in hand.
  • Do You really need to use the fabric softener or is white vinegar good enough?

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